Life Is Too Short

Black And White Photography, Joseph, Photography

SliceOfTime (1 of 1)

Fuji X100

Taken while in one of my more somber moods, which seem to be frequent lately.


22 thoughts on “Life Is Too Short

  1. Joe! This is brilliant. The depth of field you chose (or is it an open shutter) lends to an ethereal feel that could only physically be observed in a cemetery. This image lends to so much emotion: darkness, gloom, hope, love, and more. Truly great work!

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    1. Thank you very much Omar πŸ˜€ I took this image with the first version X100 camera and it was heavily backlit. The upper left of the image was pretty much all lens flare (on the X100 it’s rather pleasant) but I really thought something was missing. I arrived at this final image by using the lens blur filter in onOne Perfect Effects and also the motion filter which gave the image a dreamy or eerie quality in the background while maintaining the sharp headstones.

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