Devil’s Kettle

Black And White Photography, Dan, Photography

Click on image for storyDevils Kettle


12 thoughts on “Devil’s Kettle

  1. It’s no mystery, Dan. It’s those damn aliens. No, not the ones Trump talks about. The real ones, from outer space. Now, let’s see him build a wall to keep THEM out! 🙂 I love that you didn’t go the silky water route but stopped just short of it. Beautiful texture! With great blacks.

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      1. Dan, that just ruins it. Here I thought it was a conscious, artistic, decision and now I find out it was born of necessity. Still, I like it!

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  2. Loved your photograph, specially the soft silky aspect of the water falling gracefully to the bottom of the waterfall. Your story about the hole where water disappears forever is very weird. Thank you for sharing.


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