Waiting for E.Hopper

Black And White Photography, Didier, Photography


13 thoughts on “Waiting for E.Hopper

  1. Very nice composition, it feels like the world represented in the window frame is “projecting” itself on the framed picture. This intern opens up the viewer to even more interpretation.


    1. Thanks Joe ! :-)) It was a sunny winter (beginning of February I think), the sun was low and its light came deeply inside the hotel (I was on shooting for small corporate movie) ..I remembered the first time I saw the scene I passed in front of it, I didn’t stop I was rushing to start the day, at the end of the steps I though “it’s so nice, dont’miss it” so I came back and finally took this photography !!! :-)))

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  2. First I thought of is WAR. Outside the window at the end of the hall looks like a battalion of troops to me. Now if we stay at the beginning of the hallway like the picture hanging is we recognize the ppl who fought for us but do not engage in any wars or fighting ourselves.

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    1. Thanks for your words….It is the nature of artistic work to induce different feelings, which reflect the personal history of the viewer, so it’s your view ! For me, when I took this photography, I just felt a light, an atmosphere as it was a painting of Edward Hopper…


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