Down by the Canal

Black And White Photography, Patti, Photography


Sunset on the canal, Bethnal Green. London.


9 thoughts on “Down by the Canal

  1. WOW this image is so jam packed with things going on Patti I love it 🙂 The canal boat in the foreground reminds me of the tiny house movement going on in the USA. Is the structure to the right of the boat newly renovated apartments ? The circular steel structure looks so immense in scale compared to everything else do you know what it is ? I love the mirror reflection of the whole scene awesome work.

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    1. Thank you Joe and yes, a lot going on….plus, it was a rushed shot as I was out with other people who get sick of me holding them up all the time. This is the famous Regent’s Canal in Bethnal Green/ Hackney which has many old canal boats lined up either side. The steel structures are old Victorian gasometers used to store natural gas, part of the old gasworks with coal being delivered by canal boats. Fortunately these gasometers were saved from demolition and yes, they are huge and a common sight in and around parts of London. I wanted to get the two of them in the frame but just beyond this part the canal waters were rippling away. It was a beautiful evening and looks ok in colour. Posted in a rush as well, sorry Joe, and still stuck here on the ipad so no idea what the bigger picture looks like. Oh well ….. Thanks again Joe 👍

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