The Truth Is Out There

Black And White Photography, Emilio, Photography


OK, you must be wondering why the title- the tagline to the opening credits of The X Files. That’s simple. This abandoned home was less than a mile away from one of the gates to Area 51. And believe me, this was the most interesting thing we saw that day. Oh there were a couple dozen cows that stared at us as if we were aliens. And the weather changed drastically from a beautiful sunny day to thunder and lightning and hail, then back again. Other than that, nothing. No aliens, no alien space ships, no military presence, no men in black. We’ve been back 3 times within two weeks and there will be more photos in the weeks to come.

And more of the story will unfold.


35 thoughts on “The Truth Is Out There

      1. Ok, how about the establishing shot for my planned Unforgiven / Ghosts of Mars / mashup starring Mark Mcgrath as the alien werewolf vampire hunter.

        Does that bring us closer on the interpretation? LOL

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  1. This is the truth here, an abandoned house. I have just watched the new series – it was funny – a lot of injokes about the original series. Plus there was a Kiwi in one of the episodes. A comedian. But I loved the first few series but then it deteriorated and that was the end of it for me.


  2. WOW this image is spectacular Emilio, I wish I had taken it 🙂 Every thing about it is perfect – composition, subject matter, exposure and post processing. Perfection !!! Superb work BRAVO !!!

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    1. Thanks, Sue but I think anyone could have done the same- considering I took about ten different angles of the house and tree. I have another angle that I liked in color so I played with b & w until I liked this one just as much.


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