Step Inside

Black And White Photography, Joseph, Photography


Fuji X-Pro 2 and XF 35mm f/2 WR R Lens – 1/30 @ f/8 – ISO 320

If you would like to see a color version of this image click – here


28 thoughts on “Step Inside

  1. A great image, Joe, but I’m leaning towards the color version due to the tones of the brick and the moss- or whatever it is- at the bottom of the door!

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    1. Thank you Emilio 😀 I’m still undecided on which version I like better. The black and white gives the image a darker character which is more in line with what I was feeling when I took the photo.


      1. I like the black and white more, because Emilio picked the colored one. 😉
        Seriously, B&W one immediately scares me. The colored one — I had to think a little bit before feeling scared. B&W puts me right at that place; the colored one — I am able to look at it as a photo (I am not near there) and try to figure out what I like about the photo.
        Have a great day.

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        1. Thank you very much Helen 😀 I’m glad you had the reaction you did to the B&W version because as I mentioned to Emilio it expresses the feeling I had while taking the image.

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