Make America Great Britain Again !

Black And White Photography, Joseph, Photography


19 thoughts on “Make America Great Britain Again !

    1. I wish we could grab a beer also Laurie 😊 There really was a lot of creative signs that day. It really was a political statement as well as a parade. Martha and I arrived at around 10:30am that day and the parade didn’t start until 12:00pm at 5th ave. and I believe 35th St. it took about 45 minutes to reach us because we were all the way down on Christopher St. by the Stonewall inn. We ended up leaving around 4:30 because we were dying of thirst (the parade ended around 7:00pm). We had a couple of cold ones at a local pub then walked through Washing Square Park up 5th ave and back to Penn Station. It was a great day but very tiring because once we found a spot we had to stand there all day or lose it. It was wall to wall people.


    1. No worries Mario it’s just a sign at a parade. All we are asking for is universal healthcare just like the rest of the civilized world. At this moment my wife has to pay $770 per month for healthcare insurance and if the president and senate have their way the insurance premiums will skyrocket for people her age (and she is 8 years younger than me) so you couldn’t even imagine what I pay for myself. Just a difference of opinion my friend.

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      1. 770$ a month ??? Every right wing jerk here are advocating for privatization of health care. And there is a lot of insurance companies that support this view… If you want monarchy and public health care, at least come in Canada or Quebec (if you like frenchy frogs) πŸ˜‰ By the way, I like your picture! πŸ™‚

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        1. $770 is just for Terry not including me. Of course insurance companies want privatization its like a cash machine for them. Just look at the salaries of the CEO’s of companies like Aetna, United Healthcare and see how many millions they get in compensation per year. Add that to the money they dish out for lobbyists (also known as legal bribery in the USA) to try to try and keep it private. I would love to move to Canada but Terry would miss her family too much. Thanks for liking the image my friend πŸ™‚


  1. Great Pic Joe… But all is not good over here 😦 Right wing politics , Weak Politicians and the UK fracturing with Scotland wanting independence. Sad times.

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    1. I understand Rico 😊 Seems like the conservatives in the U.K. and the USA are having a race to the bottom. Sad times indeed.


    1. WhatΒ΄s wrong with low coffee, low coffee is against human rights, itΒ΄s a crime, you get arrested in France for low coffee, or southern europe, in Germany maybe not. In Great Britain the coffee is strong but lowered by adding milk (Tea also)
      , so they would not taste the difference.

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    2. I think it would be a great idea Emilio 😊 Free college tuition and healthcare. Did you ever watch the movie “Where To Invade Next” by Michael Moore ? If not you should. There are so many things other countries get for slightly more in taxes. It’s a free stream if you have Amazon Prime and I think it’s also on Netflix.

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      1. We saw it when It was in the theaters. We both enjoyed it but it pissed us off, too. Why is it such a big deal in the U. S. when smaller and even poorer countries can afford to have certain programs that are so controversial here? And that’s a rhetorical question!

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        1. Because this mess of a system we call healthcare is for profit. In most other countries it’s not or their are caps on what the government will pay the hospitals and drug companies. God forbid we take the profit out of healthcare, all of the politicians would leave their jobs because they couldn’t be lobbied (bribed).


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