Light & Shadow

Black And White Photography, Mario, Meho, Photography

Editing for black and white is quite interesting and it asks us to focus on a precise aspect of photography. Light and shadow. Forget color and its tone. You now see the same picture in a diferent way.


Mario, Meho, Photography


Still the cheapest way to feel this european mood for few days. And it’s North America, with a Canadian dollar that is worth nothing… 😦

ISO 320 – 16mm – f/8,0 – 1/1000
Scenes From The St-Laurent

Last One For A Few Weeks… Months?

Black And White Photography, Mario, Meho, Photography


You know what? I have no more pictures to display… I have no time for shooting and I have no time for posting weekly due to other obligations and projects. Hopefully the summer vacations will help. See you later guys. 😀

The Good Traveler

Black And White Photography, Mario, Meho, Photography


« A good traveler has no fixed plans, and is not intent on arriving. »
Lao Tzu

Pause Café

Black And White Photography, Mario, Meho, Photography



Black And White Photography, Mario, Meho

Have you ever heard about Wednesday 13? Neither do I…

Chemin St-Louis

Black And White Photography, Mario, Meho, Photography

Le Chemin St-Louis is a street you must walk when you come in Quebec city. There is a lot of architectural beauties and it leads and ends with the Chateau Frontenac and its Terrasse Dufferin, which gives an amazing sight over the old Petit Champlain (Place Royale) area, which is 408 years old.

I realized lately that Google Maps now offer a 3D view of Quebec city. It is for me an amazing way to rediscover my city from a bird view like never before.

3D Google maps (hold shift and drag the mouse to rotate and change the view)

Screwed and Owned…

Black And White Photography, Mario, Meho, Photography


Owned because I can’t make Photoshop work well in a Windows 10 virtual machine running under Linux… Ok sorry for the technical vocabulary. I am running Linux Ubuntu on my desktop and I can’t find any good photograhy software. So I feel owned by Adobe and Microsoft 😥

I wish I could get more from that picture. I can see aliasing…

I am looking to buy this coming fall a Sony Z5 cellphone (benchmark) which actually gives a nice 23Mpx. If I can make somthing good with it, I’ll be able to shoot AND to process every picture on this cellphone.

We’ll see.


Black And White Photography, Mario, Meho, Photography

I got screwed by time this week and I couldn’t work on these B&W as I thought I could. Hope that you’ll like it.

I got to tell you something… I broke my Tamron lens.. Now I have to use my old Canon, the one that came with the camera when I bought it. The quality is clearly lower than the Tamron. Can’t reach F2.8 at 50mm anymore… So bye bye Bokeh.

Also, I started to upload some of my favorite catches on Instagram, if any of you want to see them, it’s here.

Have a good week!

Back for few weeks

Black And White Photography, Mario, Meho, Photography

I’ve been invited by Joe to post on Monochromia for few weeks and I’ve found the idea interesting. I think it’s a good thing to reconnect with B&W photography so I will accept the invitation (…and the challenge).

Just between you and me… I find it quite hard to create B&W photos, in quantities. How I feel right now is that I have to pull out the most attractive part of a picture, meaning the colors and the whole dimension that comes with it. As an example (the first picture with the chateau) the tree is actually pink… 😉 So in this way, that is a real challenge to me. Everything must now lie in the structure, the framing and the subject.

But at the same time I think it’s funny because when I started photography, I couldn’t publish color photography because I wasn’t able to get the right colors I wanted o_O

Nice to be with you again!