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Black And White Photography, Martha, Photography

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Black And White Photography, Martha, Photography


Taken at The Metropolitan Museum of Art. I just loved the intense interaction these two men were having.

MOMA Silhouettes

Black And White Photography, Martha, Photography


Greenwich Village

Black And White Photography, Martha, Photography


Guest Post – Martha Rohl

Black And White Photography, Martha, Photography

It gives me great pleasure to introduce Martha Rohl as our newest guest contributor to join Monochromia. She is a fellow Long Islander (or Lon Gislander as we locals say it). Some of you might already recognize her work from our sister group Life in Black & White on Facebook. Its nice another photographer who is practically my neighbor on our site. Her first image was taken from underneath the glass staircase in a Manhattan Apple store.


My name is Martha Rohl. I was born and raised on Long Island, New York and I currently live in Babylon. I owe my love of photography to my father, who bought me my first camera, a polaroid, at the age of eight. I was immediately hooked. I soon started to use his Argus 35mm, learning about shutter speed, F-stops and the beauty of Plus-X and Tri-X film. He built me a darkroom in the basement of his office, where many enjoyable hours were spent printing my images. I have always loved black and white, the nostalgic feeling, without the distractions of color to influence the viewer’s interpretation of the image.

I was intrigued and studied every LIFE Magazine that came to our house from cover to cover.  After high school, I studied photography at The Art Institute of Boston in the early 70’s, but life took me down a different path of raising two daughters and then caring for my mother until she passed away. It was then I re-entered the world of photography and the digital age.

I love real, unaltered images, a single human moment frozen in time. I want to document my vision of the world without any social agenda, just a single human moment with truth and objectivity. So street photography has been a perfect fit and my passion for the last several years. I feel very fortunate that I am a short train ride into New York City. I do have a day job, so right now, I am a weekend warrior. I shoot with Fuji X-100T for the street and Nikon D7000 with an 85mm for street portraits. I am honored to be part of the Monochromia group, thank you and I hope you enjoy my work.

You can view more of my images – here