Western Sky

Black And White Photography, Laurie, Photography

Keystone, Colorado 11,444 Ft

Fields of view

Ashleigh, Black And White Photography, Photography


Canon 80D, 18-55mm lens
f5.6; ISO 100; 1/1000sec

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A Storm Is Coming

Anne-Cécile Go', Black And White Photography, Photography

A Dramatic Sky

Black And White Photography, Robyn

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Taken at sunset on Grand Cayman Island.

No Snow

Emilio, Photography

20160102-DSCF3578-HDR-Edit-Edit (2)

Remember in November when we went up to Zion 4 times in 4 weeks looking for fall colors? A 4 hour round trip each weekend just to find out autumn had been canceled up there? Well, seems like winter has been cancelled, too. We went up there January 2 for snow. You guessed it. No snow. But I couldn’t complain about the sky. What great clouds. And, when I saw the symmetry of the curved tree limb mimicking the curve of the mountain top, I was in heaven. Of course, my wife thought I was nuts. She didn’t see it until I processed the shot at home. Now, she loves the shot.

Though she still thinks I’m nuts!


Black And White Photography, Elina, Photography


I have a hard time taking travel photos that would actually show the place. I end up taking lots of photos like this one, of details. So let it be, a photo from my vacation in Tartu, Estonia. A beautiful brick wall that I felt had to be photographed.