Subway Light

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On the Subway

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On the Subway

Riding the subway.  NYC.

In the wind / London Underground

Black And White Photography, Joerg, Photography

Photo taken in a London Subway train. On the bottom right, there are the “Hands” from my last post.

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Subway Nights

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Subway faces

No turning back ….. the people you meet while taking in the fresh air of a late night walk across Manhattan Bridge and a train comes to a stop beside you.


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Wistful female passenger on New York City subwaySubway, New York City

I was struck by the wistfulness of this young woman and would have been happy simply capturing her.  But then I saw the larger scene – the busyness of the couple to her right, clearly on a schedule –  and loved the contrast. I just had to push the shutter.

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Black And White Photography, Photography, Stacy
Parker Meridien Hotel, New York City, lobbyLobby, Parker Meridien Hotel, New York City

(Equally as stunning in color on Visual Venturing.) The perks of accompanying my husband on a recent business trip to New York City: staying in a Manhattan hotel with this amazing lobby. Sitting on the opposite side waiting for our names to be called for lunch in the hotel restaurant, I just had to take a picture — as much for the stunning mirrored architecture as for the two suited gentlemen busy on their respective electronic devices.

 -shot with Fuji X100T-

Subway Silhouette

Black And White Photography, Photography, Stacy
Subway NYC 5th AvenueNew York City

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